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Cinderella's Slipper

Cinderella's Slipper

Cinderella's Slipper
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Have you been a victim of rape? Molestation? Incest? Physical or verbal abuse? Abandonment? Adultery? Divorce? Drug or alcohol abuse? Does your life seem to be totally out of control? Are you hurting on the inside? Have you had thoughts of suicide? And has the pain you constantly feel caused you to hurt others around you? Have you failed your children? Your spouse? Your parents? Even your Lord? Or have you felt that everyone else has failed you? If so, then Honey, this is the book for you.
“We didn’t start life destined to live among the ashes and wear the rags of hopelessness and despair,” writes Dr. Jody Amato. She goes on to tell how Jesus picked her up from the ashes of her ruined life and made something of her, and she offers you hope as well. “We’re all Cinderellas,” she writes, “and we all have a story to tell.” It’s time to put on the slipper Jesus offers YOU today.
This book is being used by pastors and teachers as a teaching tool, not only in churches and mission outreaches, but also in women's prisons. If the Shoe Fits will minister to the lost as well as the saved, to bring healing, hope, restoration, and purpose into their lives.
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